Jun 11, 2014

Pictographs from the UNESCO site of Alta on a 1996 stamp. Thousands of images are across Alta, north of the arctic circle, spanning over 45 known sites, and dating to as early as 5,000 BCE. A meeting place for thousands of years, this rock art relates to glacial history, population movement and subsistence. 

Jun 10, 2014

Thank you Axel! 2012 stamp of the Salisbury Stonehenge on France's long running annual UNESCO issue.  
Bracelets, spear, ceramics and a belt buckle(?) from 8v 1965 '7000 years of Warsaw'.
Thank you Ari! These 1993 maxicards are from the 'Stone Age' 3v. The ceramic vessels look to be like they are from the Pitted Ware Culture. 
The ground stone adzes and axe on stamp appear to be date to the Corded Ware Culture, is this correct?  

May 9, 2014

Thank you Matthias! 2014 Pictorial cancel for the Time and Space (Ziet+Raum) Museum at City Hall in Germering. This town has a 7,500 year settlement history, and its permanent exhibit reflects this rich archaeological heritage. Does anyone have info on this ceramic vessel?
This 1931 stamp has the Temple of Jupiter on it from the Roman complex of Baalbeck.   
Thank you Tiem! This complete (with selvage!) 2003 'Art and Culture' issue advertises an international conference on the same theme. If you have information on these petroglyphs please send me a message.