Apr 29, 2016


Thank you Matthias! Tourism postmark for SaarLorLux, with the town mascot, Bert, waving in front of the sandstone Neolithic Spelle Stone. Today it measures about 5 m above ground. What a thing to have in your front yard!

Abade de Bacal Museum

Thank you PaleophilatelieNamed after the founder and patron, Francisco Alves who was the abbot of Bacal, the Abade de Bacal Museum celebrates its centenary this year. This stamp and a s/s with a painting, chest and sculpture were issued on February 16 2016. Any guesses on these artifacts? A hammered gold fibula? and stone sculpture from..?

Apr 13, 2016

My Son Sanctuary

Thank you Tiem! 142 acres of My Son are UNESCO protected. This was the capital of the Champa Kingdom, from the 4th-13th centuries. Hindu tower temples, as seen on the right stamp dot the landscape. 
Thank you Pierre! Just called, 'The Sculpture', I think this may be a sea mammal bone pestle. It is in the collections of the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands. 


Detail of the Abduction of Europa mosaic from 3rd cent Byblos. France released this to draw attention to, and the need for, Lebanese cultural heritage preservation. The mosaic can be seen at the National Museum of Beirut. 

Apr 3, 2016

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

The dark patches on the sand dunes are water pools formed during the rainy season. Even fish can survive in this intermittent environment. I wonder if this figurine was found in these dunes. Allegedly, the Caete indigenous people resided in this area until it became covered with sand. If this figurine was created by them, it looks rather recent, possibly depicting someone encountered at contact?  

Machu Picchu

Thank you Paleophilatelie! Souvenir sheet of the Machu Picchu centenary. 
Thank you Juan! Philatelic cover with the Postmark and cachet for the 75th anniversary of the 'discovery' . The stamp is of Cuzco. Postmark advertising a photatelic exobition, at the National Museum of Arch and Anth. 
Thank you Heidi for this postcard!