Jul 26, 2015

Thank you Cory! 1991 FDC issued for the bicentenary of the 'discovery' of Rekohu (the Chatham Islands). The cachet and left stamp are adorned with Moriori dendroglyphs and a petroglyph panel of seals is on the right stamp. 
Thank you Jessica! The stamp is part of the 2005 12v definitives of 'Ecological and Heritage Sites' and shows the Nohoch Che'n Archaeological Reserve on it.  Present day tubers and rafters can see Mayan pictographs as they journey through the labyrinth of limestone caves and underground rivers.  
Cover with a Haniwa terracotta horse 1966 definitive. Made of coiled clay, it and objects like this, were interred with the deceased from the 3rd-6th cent BCE during the Kofun Period. This horse is from the 6th cent and resides at the National Museum in Tokyo. 

Feb 22, 2015

Thank you Randal! Flaked projectile point on a stamp from the 8v 1967 'National Archaeology' set. 

Jan 2, 2015

Thank you very much William, for this very hard and pricey issue to track down. Check out the philatelic cancel, added nearly a year after the first day of issue! I love the design of this 8v se-tenant Pre-hispanic Fauna 2013 issue, with both the animal and art representation side by side. The ceramic vessels date to the Postclassic Period (900-1524). 
A 1980 FDC with the Temple of Kalabsha released to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the UNESCO campaign to save the Nubian Monuments. Three other stamps and UNESCO selvage make up this set.
From the 1st issue of the multi-year 'Ceramic' series, are these stamps from the 6v 1997 release. Both are Moche, the orange ones have 2 monkeys and the purple one has crab motifs. Does the Nazca Hummingbird count as a cachet?:)